Thinking that you’re tired makes you less effective.

If you want to achieve great things in life, you need to stop whining about how tired you are.

Really, NOBODY cares. And feeling sorry for yourself won’t help you succeed in life.

Everybody faces obstacles. How you deal with yours determines how successful you are.

But there is more. Thinking that you’re tired makes you less effective. No matter how much you sleep and how tired you are.

Sleep is important.

Not getting enough sleep may hurt your performance.

But studies show, that thinking about how tired you are makes you even more tired and less productive.

On the other hand, believing that you had high-quality sleep last night can improve your cognitive skills. This effect is is known as a “placebo sleep”.

Placebo sleep and high / low performance

Some time ago, an interesting study was published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology.

Researchers from Colorado College tested the effects of believing you’re getting enough sleep.

Participating students were lectured about sleep’s effect on cognitive function and told that getting less REM sleep causes lower performance on learning tests.

Next, sensors were attached to the students heads. Participants were told that these sensors would provide information about how much REM sleep they had gotten during the night.

It wasn’t true.

Next day, the students were told they had either above-average REM sleep or below average REM sleep.

They took a Paced Auditory Serial Addition Test right after – they were given a number every few seconds and asked to add it to the number they heard before. The test involves working memory, attention and arithmetic capabilities.

And the results were startling.

Students who were told they had above-average REM sleep performed better on the test, whilst those who were told their REM sleep was below average performed worse. It simply proves (once again) that if you’re in the mindset that you’re well-rested, your brain will perform better.

On the other hand, talking about how tired you are, might lead to inferior performance.

Magical Affirmations:

  • I get plenty of quality sleep every night.
  • I fall asleep easily.
  • I sleep soundly and peacefully and I awaken refreshed.